Car wrapping with matte paint protection film

All car wrapping services in Vilnius

Car wrapping with matte protective film

All car wrapping services in Vilnius

Automobilių apklijavimas apsaugine matine plėvele

Matte paint protection film - uniqueness and body protection

Matte paint protection film was created for two types of customers. Those who buy a car with matte paint and want to have proper protection for it. And those who have a shiny car and want it to be more unique and stand out from the crowd along with protection.

Matte car paint is particularly sensitive to external factors and repairs are also very difficult. Usually, if one element is damaged, the entire side of the car needs to be repainted. That's why protection for matte surfaces is very important.

The surface of the paint protection matte film perfectly matches the effect of factory matte paints, so it doesn't change the original appearance of the car. When mounted on shiny paints, the car acquires a completely new look: more elegant, modern, sporty, and unique. The car's lines become more prominent.

Matte paints are still very expensive and not as widely used nowadays, so car wrapping with matte paint protection film is an excellent way to make your car unique while providing comprehensive protection.

Apsaugine automobilių matinė plėvelė

Advantages of paint protection matte film

Our offered paint protection matte film has a water-repellent coating, which is particularly beneficial for matte surfaces. Matte surfaces are much more porous, so dirt and grime can stick to the surface much better. Our film remains easy to clean due to its water-repellent top layer.

The matte paint protection film is made of thermally treated and cleaned urethane. It provides excellent protection against stones, scratches, vandalism, and other external impacts. When you leave your car in a parking lot, you no longer have to worry about another car hitting your car door. The paint protection film will protect the surface from such impacts.

Apsaugine automobilių matinė plėvelė

The kits of wrapping the matte paint protection film

Xpel plėvelė Maxi kaina


Full body coverage with paint protection film, excluding the roof. A strip from stone chips is applied above the front windshield. Roof coverage is calculated separately.

Xpel plėvelė Medi kaina


Vulnerable areas of the body while driving: hood, fenders, front bumper, external sills, strips at the bottom of the doors, strips around the front windshield, and side mirrors.

Xpel plėvelė Mini kaina


Only the front part of the car is wrapped  with film to protect it from stone chips and insects. The hood, fenders, front bumper, strips around the front windshield, and mirrors are wrapped.

Xpel plėvelė Mini Bikini kaina


Only the front part of the hood, fender fronts, and bumper are wrapped.

Vulnerable areas of a car

Pažeidžiamiausios automobilio vietos

Statistics show that the majority of our services consist of fully wrapping cars. Full wrapping can be done with a fully wrapped roof or just with a protective strip above the front windshield. New car roofs are increasingly glass, panoramic, so they are not wrapped.

The second most popular is the front of the car wrapping, which includes: the hood, bumper, wings, mirrors, and stripes around the front windshield. This area of the car is most susceptible to damage from stones and insects.

There are also many other places that can be damaged during car use. These are: inner and outer sills, dents behind the handles, the rear bumper or its upper part - the luggage loading area, lights, black piano side skirts, interior details. If you want more protection, we recommend wrapping the entire car with film. This would be a comprehensive benefit of the film with self-healing and hydrophobic properties. Dirt can be easily washed off the entire car, and a guaranteed sense of safety is provided.

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