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Automobilių apklijavimas skaidre apsaugine plėvele


Gloss polyurethane film for car body protection, a three-layer 170-235 micron urethane film with a highly scratch-resistant self-healing top layer, designed to protect the car from scratches, stones, chemicals, salt, insects, vandalism and natural impacts. The protection film will protect the car paint from the door bumps of a nearby parked car and small accidents. Trips to the forest, hunting, and fishing will be safer, bushes and branches will no longer be obstacles. The paint protection film is completely transparent and invisible. The protection film will serve you and your car for up to 10 years, making it an excellent investment. When selling a used car, its residual value will be higher.

Skaidri automobilių apsauginė plėvelė

Computerized cutting of paint protection film

For protecting automobiles, we use the "Design Access Program," a product of the American film manufacturer "Xpel." DAP is the largest repository of car templates in the world. With the help of this program, a plotter cuts the protective film for the car according to pre-prepared templates upon the arrival of the car for body protection. This method of installing paint protection film reduces the risk of damaging the car to zero.

Currently, DAP has over 100,000 sets of paint protection film templates designed for almost every car manufacturer and model. All template sets perfectly match every detail of the car, with all edges and angles precisely matching the car's edges. In the hands of our professional and certified technicians, this tool helps achieve the highest quality results.

Skaidri automobilių apsauginė plėvelė

Why does my car need PPF?

First of all, the paint protection film not only protects the car body but also your nerves. Imagine a situation where a car parked next to you tries to leave a parking lot or somewhere else, and without choosing the right angle, scrapes your car's bumper. Disaster! Not only will your nerves be ruined for the whole day, but you will also waste time filling out an accident report, and you will be without a car for several days because the bumper needs to be repainted.

And if you drive a rare luxury car, the problem is on a completely different scale. The film protects the body from scratches in 90% of such accidents. The metal may bend, but the paint will remain undamaged. A PDR specialist will bend the metal back into place, and we will install the paint protection film. This takes half a day, sometimes even less time.

Automobilių apklijavimas PPF plėvele

What sets us apart from other PPF car wrappers?

There are many companies in Lithuania that offer car wrapping services with paint protection film, but not everyone can boast of fully wrapped cars like we can – 120 fully and partially wrapped cars in 2019 alone.

We are the only ones in Lithuania who use the most precise software for car wrapping with paint protection film – the Design Access Program (DAP) by American film manufacturer Xpel. DAP is the largest car template repository in the world. With this program, the plotter cuts the film for the car according to pre-made templates. This method of wrapping protection film reduces the risk of cutting the car to zero.

Currently, DAP has over 100,000 protective film template sets for almost every car manufacturer and model. All template sets perfectly match the shape of each car part, and all edges and corners accurately match the car's edges. We modify the templates in the program and add overlaps where needed. With our professional and certified wrappers, this tool helps us achieve the highest quality results.

Automobilių apklijavimas PPF plėvele

Vulnerable areas of a car

Pažeidžiamiausios automobilio vietos

Statistics show that the majority of our services consist of fully wrapping cars. Full wrapping can be done with a fully wrapped roof or just with a protective strip above the front windshield. New car roofs are increasingly glass, panoramic, so they are not wrapped.

The second most popular is the front of the car wrapping, which includes: the hood, bumper, wings, mirrors, and stripes around the front windshield. This area of the car is most susceptible to damage from stones and insects.

There are also many other places that can be damaged during car use. These are: inner and outer sills, dents behind the handles, the rear bumper or its upper part - the luggage loading area, lights, black piano side skirts, interior details. If you want more protection, we recommend wrapping the entire car with film. This would be a comprehensive benefit of the film with self-healing and hydrophobic properties. Dirt can be easily washed off the entire car, and a guaranteed sense of safety is provided.

Apsauginė automobilių plėvelė Xpel


The most advanced premium paint protection film on the market

Xpel Ultimate PLUS is a new generation, 170-micron polyurethane film with enhanced protective properties designed to protect the car body. The film has a glossy, self-healing surface. Minor scratches disappear when the film is heated with a hair dryer or warm water is poured over it. This technology was developed by Xpel in 2011 and to this day, they are the leader among PPF films, highly valued by customers and protection film applicators, as evidenced by the giant "Xpel family" worldwide.

The transparent, hydrophobic, non-yellowing Xpel film is completely invisible on the car body. It will perfectly protect your car from minor accidents, scratches, stones, salt, insects, vandalism, and natural elements.

Made in America. Manufacturer's warranty for 10 years.

Before applying the film, we cut it with special computer equipment based on pre-prepared templates. Thus, applying the film does not require dismantling the car or using knives on the car body. We adjust the existing templates in the cutting program, making allowances to cover the car parts as much as possible.

We provide a lifetime warranty for a completely new car, as long as you are the owner of the car. For a car that has already been driven on public roads, we provide a 2-year warranty.

Paint Protection Film "Xpel" wrapping kits

Xpel plėvelė Maxi kaina


Full body coverage with paint protection film, excluding the roof. A strip from stone chips is applied above the front windshield. Roof coverage is calculated separately.

Xpel plėvelė Medi kaina


Vulnerable areas of the body while driving: hood, fenders, front bumper, external sills, strips at the bottom of the doors, strips around the front windshield, and side mirrors.

Xpel plėvelė Mini kaina


Only the front part of the car is wrapped  with film to protect it from stone chips and insects. The hood, fenders, front bumper, strips around the front windshield, and mirrors are wrapped.

Xpel plėvelė Mini Bikini kaina


Only the front part of the hood, fender fronts, and bumper are wrapped.

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